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Paddy White

Founder & CEO

I am Paddy White, the Founder and CEO of our Virtual Assistant Business. With almost a decade of experience in the business world, I am a seasoned entrepreneur myself. My vision for this business was to provide exceptional administrative support to clients and become a valuable team member. I have a background in administration in various sectors including legal, property and insurance, amongst others and this helps to deliver high-quality services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Originally from the sunny shores on the east coast of South Africa, I have been in the UK for so long that I feel more British than South African. I originally moved to try breakaway from the everyday and see what else I need to see and achieve.  To ensure Virtual Diamond’s successes I utilise the vast experience I gathered from my various roles.

For fun, I am a Netballer.  If my knees would allow it, I would play more often for sure.  And if I wasn't a VA and a mum, I would love to be travelling the world! Who knows, maybe I would even take my hubby along with me.  My long term goal is definitely to work from an exotic location.

Paddy White
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