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Paddy White

Founder & CEO

I am Paddy White, the Founder and CEO of our Virtual Assistant Business. With almost a decade of experience in the business world, I am a seasoned entrepreneur myself. My vision for this business was to provide exceptional administrative support to clients and become a valuable team member. I have a background in administration in various sectors including legal, property and insurance, amongst others and this helps to deliver high-quality services that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Now being in business for 10 years and as part of our vision, I would like to run a business that not only cares about our clients and their requirements, but a business which is conscious about the world around us, is ethical, is sustainable and gives back to the community in which we live as well as to the people who brought us here.

Originally from the sunny shores on the east coast of South Africa, I have been in the UK for so long that I feel more British than South African. I originally moved to try breakaway from the everyday and see what else I need to see and achieve.  To ensure Virtual Diamond’s successes I utilise the vast experience I gathered from my various roles.

For fun, I am a Netballer.  If my knees would allow it, I would play more often for sure.  And if I wasn't a VA and a mum, I would love to be travelling the world! Who knows, maybe I would even take my hubby along with me.  My long term goal is definitely to work from an exotic location.

Paddy White
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