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Empowering Small Businesses and
Sole Traders for Effortless Bookkeeping

Virtual Diamond works with small business owners and sole traders to ensure they are on top of their accounts on a regular basis. This way there isn’t a mad rush at the end of every accounting cycle to get things ready.

Acountancy graph image, to get your accounts sorted easily

No More Confusion

Our team will help keep things crystal clear, so you know exactly where you stand financially on an ongoing basis.

Acountancy graph image, to get your accounts sorted easily
Acountancy graph image, to get your accounts sorted easily

Focus on Winning

Let us do the bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business.

Save Time and Money

Due to our experience and expertise we can cut down your bookkeeping time, so you can focus on your business development and cashflow.

Acountancy graph image, to get your accounts sorted easily

Accuracy on Point

Rest easy knowing your accounts are up to date and correct at all times.

It's all about getting time back to concentrate on what is important to you as a business owner.

Need help with your Accounts?

Why not give Virtual Diamond a call today.

Small Business Bookkeeping

Our small business bookkeeping can include a range of services designed to help manage your financial records, stay compliant with tax regulations, and make informed financial decisions.


Here are some examples of what could be offered in a small business bookkeeping package:

Document Management

  • Organise and store financial documents electronically.

  • Ensure records are readily accessible for audits.

VAT Report

  • Assist your accountant with the necessary requirements for your VAT return on a quarterly basis.

Expense Tracking

  • Categorise and record business expenses.

  • Monitor spending patterns and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

  • Create and send invoices to clients.

  • Track payments received and follow up on overdue payments.

Accounts Payable Management

  • Record and categorise vendor invoices.

  • Ensure timely payment of bills.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Compare business records with bank statements.

  • Identify and rectify discrepancies.

Software Setup and Training

  • Set up accounting software.

  • Train business owners or staff on using the software effectively.

Year-End Closeout

  • Prepare financial statements for year-end reporting to your accountant.

  • Assist with any necessary adjustments.

  • Sort sales and purchase taxes.

Regular Communication

  • Stay in touch with clients to address questions and provide updates.

The specific services offered in a bookkeeping package can vary based on the needs of your business. It's important to discuss your business's unique requirements with us to tailor a package that suits your needs.

Yes, but how much does it cost??

Get in touch to discuss your tailored requirements, we will offer a range of packages and support depending on the size of your business and volume of transactions, so you are free to choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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