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Content Strategy Sessions - Virtual Diamond

Content Strategy Session

Getting your social media organised and easy.

Why Invest in your Social Media?

Social media is a key way to promote your business online and is being taken advantage of by many businesses.

Unfortunately, once you are online it can become a time draining part of your week that takes creative and organisational capacity that you might not have to spare.

This leads to a lack of consistency, rushed posting and overall a feeling of overwhelm when it comes to regularly posting.

A strategy doesn't have to be a hard and fast set of rules that you follow but the guidelines that you can use to make your social media easier and engage with your audience on a regular basis.

Virtual Diamond's social media strategy session does that. It gives you the support to develop regular visibility online consistently and with less effort.

Social Media Strategy with Virtual Diamond

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For only £350 we will help you create a social media strategy that will kick-start your digital marketing campaign

How Does it Work?

Pre-Session Updates

Before we meet for your Content Strategy Session, we will gather information from you and do our own research to ensure that your session is spent creating content, not working out what you need. Here's how it works:

Pre-session questionnaire

Pre-Session Questionnaire

Helps us get an idea of your platforms, industry and current social media status. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of where you currently stand.

Brand Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

Any branding guidelines and colours that you have already will be requested. This will include your brand story and identifiable features.

Business Investigation

Business Investigation

We will investigate your existing social media content to identify high-performing posts, content gaps, and areas for improvement.

Competitor and Industry Research

Competitor & Industry Research

We will then identify and research your main competitors' social media so that we can see within the industry market the social media.

Your Content Strategy Session

We will then meet for a 2 hour strategy session will empower you with the tools to manage your social media content including an Evergreen post content bank, campaign idea and market analysis.

Virtual Diamond Logo

Start with Why

To develop your core values and branding story we would work together with your current branding guidelines to build out your reason why.

What You Offer

Looking at the industry and competitor landscape we shall evaluate how your USP sets you apart from the competition and what services you offer to your clients.

virtual diamond logo
virtual diamond logo

Creating Your 6-Month Plan

Finally, we shall combine the above to grow your 6-month plan. This will include an Evergreen content bank, a campaign proposal and your 6-month schedule.

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What's Next?

From this session and strategy you will receive:

Virtual Diamond

Competitor Analysis Report

Virtual Diamond

Collaborative Working Report

Virtual Diamond

6-Month Content Strategy Guidance

Virtual Diamond

Evergreen Content Bank Template

As well as having worked through your brand story, USP and content scheduling in one session.

This will give you the basis to go ahead and organise your social media and ensure your life is easier going forwards.


If social media is still overwhelming or just too time consuming we can offer you consistent Virtual Assistance through our packages:

Virtual Diamond

Gold Package

1 x Social Media Platform

3 x Social Media Posts per Week

3 x Canva Templates

Weekly Platform Monitoring

Monthly Planning Meeting

Month 1 £350

Ongoing Monthly £175

Virtual Diamond

Platinum Package

2 x Social Media Platforms

3 x Social Media Posts per Week

5 x Canva Templates

Bi-weekly Platform Monitoring

Monthly Planning Meeting

Month 1 £495

Ongoing Monthly £330

Virtual Diamond

Diamond Package

3 x Social Media Platform

3 x Social Media Posts per Week

5 x Canva Templates

Daily Platform Monitoring

Bi-weekly Planning Meeting

Month 1 £600

Ongoing Monthly £450

Find out more about our Social Media Management Packages & contact us for all the details

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