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Work-Life Balance - A Myth?

I had a lovely e-chat with my cousin today. Like me she has taken the plunge into the world of running her own business. Very proud of her! But in the chat also came up the pain of juggling life! The thing we all envisage reaching...THE WORK-LIFE BALANCE!

Have you, as an entrepreneur or sole trader come close to this or is this notion still a dream to be attained. When I started, my thoughts went to: "I would be working for myself, so I can spend more time with the kids and on life. Work the hours I want and run a successful businesses" I must admit, I haven't reached that point yet! Having a business of your own is 'slightly' more work than working for someone else.

You are now responsible for:

  • Your own admin

  • Putting your own policies in place

  • Invoicing for work done

  • Ensuring you get paid for work done

  • Cashflow

  • Your own IT systems

  • Answering your own phone

  • Your own advertising

  • Social media and marketing strategy

  • Updating your website

  • HR if you have staff

  • Paying your own bills

  • Ordering the tea, coffee and morning croissants

  • And a million other things!

Did you factor this in when you started and have you reached your happy Work-Life Balance? I read this interesting article HERE which gave me some things to thing about, perhaps you may find it interesting too.

Do you need some help with some of the above?

At Virtual Diamond, we can take some of these tasks off your hands. Our team have a varied skills base so tell us your pressure point and see if we can help.



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