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Why Penguins Make For Great Content

Now you may be asking, why on earth are you posting about penguins every day in December? What do they have to do with anything?

We strongly believe in making sure our personality shines through in our content so even though we are virtual, you still get a chance to get to know us as though we were sitting having a chat and a catch up. So, when we reached December, Paddy was excited to share her collection of penguins to show off team achievements and give an insight into a day in the life of a virtual assistant.

Each penguin has its own name and story, and we would love to share some of our favourites with you!


Studious the penguin showed off Beth’s incredible achievement of graduating with her master’s degree who we are so proud of as all her hard work paid off.


Snowy the penguin asked whether you love or hate the snow and told a story of a family full of colds huddling in the warmth after a white Christmas came to Gloucestershire sooner than expected.

Spot and Mum

Spot and his mum gave a very important look into how family life is the most important thing to the Virtual Diamond team, but how this always comes with its own challenges! Spot's story was that he ran off sledging in the snow and his mum, Dot, was kicking him up the backside because he ran off without telling her. This illustrates how as a virtual assistant (and in life too) you never know what is going to be thrown your way, but we believe that how you deal with this is what defines you!

Postman Woody

Another favourite was Postman Woody, who had his boots on ready to deliver our Virtual Diamond Christmas gifts to our clients. Christmas is a perfect time to show appreciation to our clients and use it to create some great content.


And to thank them for taking the leap into our world! Nostrildamus sticks his nose in everyone’s business! Naughty guy. But he shows what life is like as a virtual assistant though, we get into our client's business and poke around into their processes. We look into ways we can make things more efficient, more transparent, easier to scale, anything to improve the way their business runs.

Shylock Holmes

One of our favourites though is Shylock Holmes! Although a little camera shy, he is a great investigator and researcher! These skills come in handy for our clients, for example last week we researched the ideal new workspace for a client. This meant taking all their requirements to the market and fielding the responses. They only got to speak to the shortlisted options... saving them time and money! What can we research for you? Gifts for clients? Restaurants to take clients? Conferences in your industry?

So, at the start we asked, what do penguins have to do with anything? Well, at Virtual Diamond penguins have to do with EVERYTHING! They show off our personality, a day in our lives but most importantly what Virtual Diamond can do for you!



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