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Why I Don't Want To Be 'That Girl' In 2022- I Want To Be Happy Instead.

Everywhere I look the new term for the most successful ideal is now 'That Girl'...

Have you heard of it? How does it make you feel?

There are some typical traits that fall under becoming 'That Girl' that typically follow:

> Getting up early in the morning > Having a 7 step skin care routine > Exercising in the morning and evening > Meditating for 10 minutes a day > Always making your bed > Eating a healthy and balanced life style

All very good habits to get into the swing of... but also some are just not for me!

As famously Molly Mae said earlier this year 'We all have the same 24 hours', claiming that we have no excuses not to be successful as we are all given the same amount of time in the day. However, to that I say we do all have the same 24 hours, but I want to spend mine HAPPY! There is no shame to those who are able to happily achieve everything that you can to become 'That Girl', to those who are able to and love it I am in awe of your dedication and perseverance. But just because that isn't your life does not mean you are less successful than anyone else. It doesn't mean that you need to try harder to become someone you are not.

My ideal morning goes:

> Lie in > Pancakes for breakfast > LARGE cup of coffee > Cuddle with my cats

AND... I love it! It sets me up for the day and gets me ready for what I need to achieve! You might have certain routines in the morning that set you up for your journey that day, things that ease you into work or home to make the mornings fly by. We should be able to enjoy these and feel successful in our lives. Our morning routes are just that: Ours.

We can all dream of being 'That Girl' the one who has it all under control and uses her time to the best every single day, but I'd rather much be myself and enjoy my days how I want to. Here's to not becoming 'That Girl' in 2022 and instead becoming the best, happiest, version of ourselves.



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