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Why are Women's Events Important?

This year Virtual Diamond has been nominated for the Customer Excellence Award at the Women in Business Conference . We're over the moon to have this opportunity to showcase our work and highlight virtual assistants on a greater stage.

The Women in Business Conference and Awards are women's events, with the keynote speakers and workshops all being run by women who have started their own business. It's a great opportunity to meet and learn from a whole host of female entrepreneurs and business women. We are proud to be a strong all female team working together. We wanted to talk about why women's events are important and why we're attending. Representation It's essential to have events like this. In 2022, only 29% of the UK's small businesses were started by women. It's a shocking figure. Paddy has run Virtual Diamond for 8 years now, it has grown into a great business that now has a team of 4 who work with our clients on a whole range of services. Attending an event with other women who have successfully ran their own business is not only a learning experience but it is an inspiration. Seeing the barriers many women have faced in male-dominated industries and the techniques they used to make their mark is truly amazing. We're very much looking forward to having these discussions! Getting Together Sharing our combined knowledge with others and learning from their experiences is invaluable to small businesses. We can all stand to learn so much from each other and the projects we've worked on. The networking that we attend has helped us to learn about new tools (such as Loom and Mailerlite) that we now use on a daily basis. Being able to share this with other women and relate to their experiences in the working world is fantastic and greatly valuable not only for us but we can also take what we learn and use it to assist the companies we work with. Bringing fresh insight to their projects as well as developing our own skills. We're asking for your support. If you have a couple of minutes we have made it through to the voting stage of the awards, and if you can vote for us we'd really appreciate it. Please vote here.



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