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What is Evergreen Content and How Can I Use It?

What is Evergreen Content?'s not about trees! Image of a laptop and phone background with trees and branding shown of Virtual Diamond ltd.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying relevant and maintaining a strong online presence is…challenging to say the least. With content being constantly churned out, it’s easy for your carefully crafted posts to get lost in the noise. Evergreen content can change how you approach social media and make your life easier. In this blog post, we will explore what evergreen content is and how your small business can utilise it to create lasting value to your audience.

Understanding Evergreen Content

Think of Evergreen Content as the timeless posts that will still be relevant a few months, maybe even a year from now. It is content that will still remain valuable to your audience, withstanding the ever changing world of digital marketing. These are your business core values and services - things that remain constant within your small business and are likely to always feature on your social media. Unlike trending posts or news articles, evergreen content doesn’t have an expiry date. It will always be perceived as fresh, offering consistent value to your small business.

Why Does Evergreen Content Matter

  1. Consistent Engagement: Evergreen content ensures a steady flow of engagement across your social media platforms and website. Your audience connects with this content as it often revolves around you, your brand, and your services/products.Unlike trend-based posts, which may have a short-lived spike in interaction, Evergreen content continues to attract and engage your audience over time.

  2. Sustainable SEO: Search engines LOVE evergreen content. It provides long term value to readers, leading to better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic to your website.

  3. Repurpose Content: Instead of constantly creating new content, you can make the most of your existing posts. We all digest information differently so even if you change the format of the same content, this could increase engagement with your audience! More on this below…

How to Create and Utilise Evergreen Content

Here at Virtual Diamond, we prioritise keeping our blog up to date and we think you should too. While investing time in crafting blog posts might initially appear to consume valuable business hours, the content they generate can ultimately become a time-saving asset for you. Let me explain…You dedicate time in your week to create an educational, information dense blog post. There are many ways you can repurpose this content…

  • Create a long form caption by condensing the copy for a social media post. You can even reuse the blog post image for a quickest and easiest way to repurpose the content.

  • Extract a memorable quote and elaborate in the post caption on what you mean by it. This could be shared as a photo or a video reel on your socials.

  • Turn it into a meme. Memes are easily shareable and have potential to go viral.

  • Post it on Google My Business to keep your presence up to date. This will help you stand out in search results and expose you to potential new customers.

  • Turn it into a diagram. Everyone digests content differently so you may receive more engagement just by presenting your content in a diagram format. If you included statistics in your blog post, this would be an ideal social post to share!

To conclude, Evergreen content is the backbone of a successful digital marketing strategy. But even though this content remains relevant, it can become outdated. It is essential to review your content and ensure it is updated with correct information. By creating and repurposing content that will stand the test of time, you build valuable resources that keep your audience engaged and drive traffic to your social media accounts and website. So, why don’t you start actioning your strategy today? Utilise your content and provide lasting value to your audience.

In our one-off content strategy session, we can help you to develop up to 6–months of social media posts and a content bank that utilises effective Evergreen content for your small business. But, if you want consistent support in making your social media content run smoothly and effectively - get in touch!

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