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What EATS Into Your Spare Time?

- Thinking about today’s social media post. If you spend time each day planning what you are going to write on social media, then you are often wasting time! The best solution is to dedicate a session to make a social media plan, which can stop you having to worry about posting and get you onto an easy schedule.

- Worrying about other’s opinions Social media can make us hyperaware of other people’s opinions, whether this be personally or professionally! The worst thing to do is waste your valuable time fighting trolls online or not believing in your brand and identity.

- Fiddling with tricky accounts Are you a trained accountant? If not, the chances are your small business accounts can suck hours of your time! These can be time consuming processes that are valuable to your business but not worth you spending hours trying to understand.

These are all things that take you away from billable hours OR your chance to relax! One of the common misconceptions of a virtual assistant is that they are an expensive ‘treat’ – but if you could have billed a customer for all that time you will save compared to hiring a virtual assistant and you will be saving yourself money. On the other side of this, reclaiming your time can help to set your business goals or give you back your evenings and weekends to focus on things you enjoy!



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