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Time Management Methods For Your Small Business

Time management can be difficult when you run your own small business! You are responsible for self-motivation as well as the day to day running of your business. Here are Virtual Diamond’s top tips to ensuring you make the most of your hours!

Here are some top tips for managing your time in the day to make sure you are focussed:

- Time Blocking

This is where you allocate yourself main tasks that you need to focus on for your small business whether this be client work, administration, business growth or accounting. Then place these titles over your day, when do you want to focus on each of these tasks.

- List Writing

Identifying the priority tasks for the day and then using these to schedule what must be done, what is good to get done and what can be skipped if necessary, allows you to orient your day to make sure you complete all necessary tasks.

- Goal Setting

The best way to ensure nothing eats into your spare time is to have clear concise goals that you want your small business to achieve this year and this month! By doing this you can clarify what you are aiming towards and schedule your time better.

- Outsourcing

One of the best time savers is to actually outsource your business bug bears. If you hate doing your accounts or monitoring your inbox or even planning your social media journey there are plenty of freelancers who can support your business. Or all in one, you can hire a Virtual Assistant for your business. Reclaiming your billable hours can actually save you time and money!

Those are our top tips for your small business time savers! These should help you to structure your days and gain the most out of every hour, as a small business owner it can feel overwhelming to do it all but when you’re ready to outsource and reclaim some time send us a message!



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