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Being a Living Wage Employer as a Virtual Assistant

At Virtual Diamond we're proud to let you know that you that recently we have been recognised by the Living Wage Foundation for becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer!

Living wage employer, living wage virtual assistant

What is Living Wage Accredited?

To be Living Wage Accredited you need to pay all of your directly employed staff a Living Wage, and have a plan in place to extend that to regular sub-contracted staff as well. The current Living Wage rates are £10.90 per hour and £11.95 in London. We're happy to say that we've met all of these conditions within our business and as we grow are committed to ensuring we uphold this.

Why does it matter?

The Living Wage is so important, especially now that we are facing rising inflation and a cost of living crisis and those who are working freelance and consultants are vulnerable to being underpaid, especially virtual workers.

The living wage has been shown to provide people with a higher quality of life, allowing them to only have one source of income or to spend more time with family. As a result, they're less stressed and often work harder at their job because they have fewer financial stresses.

Why are Virtual Diamond a Living Wage Employer Accredited?

Virtual assistants also face a lot of competition on pages like Fiver, with jobs being offered at £5-10 an hour. This means that many can feel they have to price themselves lower than the living wage in order to stay competitive.

We want to make sure that everyone who works for Virtual Diamond are happy, enjoy their work and can have a great work life balance. It's why Paddy set up the business and it's something we feel strongly about. If those that work for Virtual Diamond are unhappy, we're not doing a good job as employers. Being Living Wage Accredited is one part of that.

In turn, when people are less stressed and feel as though they belong to an organisation we find that our clients see the benefits of that.



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