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Inbox Management Tips For Small Business Owners

Does your inbox never empty?

Is it always full of newsletters, information, client requests, updates, important updates, system checks and a whole lot more? Inbox monitoring can take up a HUGE portion of a small business owners time - let's get back on top of your inbox management!

Here's a few of our techniques that we help our clients to apply to their inboxes to make sure they're staying on top of their inbox management.

1) Have newsletters go straight into a set folder Want to stay subscribed to these newsletters but they're clogging up your inbox? Have them sent to a special folder straight away - this can take time to set up but can leave your inbox free of the clutter and help you to focus on those important messages.

2) Set up an FAQ page on your website if you're getting regular queries Having an FAQ page can seem like a lot of energy but if you're receiving regular questions about your services or products you can always standardise this process by directing them to your website instead of having to type out the same answer again! Standardising your responses can help to save you time and declutter your inbox.

3) Have two inboxes one for clients and one for prospects Having an admin@ or inbox@ email address for your business can help you separate your ongoing clients from your potential new sales! Meaning you can find client information faster, and manage requests with more ease.

4) Outsource its management and save yourself hours every week! Don't believe that you spend hours in your inbox each week? Why not set yourself a challenge to time each of your days - every time you enter your inbox start a timer and work out how many hours each week you are spending with your emails.

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