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How to Create a Content Calendar Management Plan

Do you write down your post ideas in the note app? 📝

Well not anymore you don't! Find our Guide to Content Calendar Management 🌟

We love organising a little bit too much, but when it comes to improving the functionality and productivity of your business, we are all for it.

Step 1: Choose your planning software

We are big fans of Airtable due to it being so user friendly and lending itself perfectly to Content Calendar Management. Not to mention it is free to use too!

Our other recommendations are Notion and Google Sheets as you can replicate similar functions with these softwares.

Step 2: Define what you need to plan.

Making sure you cover the key areas such as post date, post idea, content pillar, post type, caption, asset and hashtags, will enable you to plan out all aspects of the content. Having a full overview will make sure you are aligned with your content strategy too!

Step 3: Get actioning!

Fill in all the blanks of your content calendar and use it as a management tool for your business social media accounts. Track your progress, analytics and content pillars in one centralised place.

Steal our guide to Content Calendar Management and let us know how you get on!



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