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How Can I Show My Clients I Appreciate Them?

One thing about being B2B is working with companies who need to be able to trust you! It is hard to build a relationship especially when they are a small business owner who perhaps hasn’t handed over parts of their business to others before. Client appreciation is essential!

Once they have taken that leap of trust, do you continue to build that relationship? If not, you’re missing out because most of your additional work will come from previous clients. Building important bonds is a great way to keep your businesses thriving and mean you get to work with your ideal client again and again! Here are a few ways we continue to make sure our clients know they are appreciated:

1) Birthday cards

We all love to receive birthday cards. It feels great when they come through and someone has remembered! You can set up e-cards to go to your clients through several websites – these can be done in one afternoon to be personal to each client and let them know that you’re thinking about them. Meaning that this is an easy and personal way to let your clients know that they matter to your business! The website we use is: Event Kingdom

2) Client Appreciation Post

Something positive coming in the post? LOVE IT! We send our clients an appreciation card, designed by a small local business, when we have finished a large project together or we just want to get back in touch. These cards are a great way to let your clients know that you appreciate that they continue to trust you with their business and also to put your name back in their mind if you haven’t spoken in a while.

3) Annual Check-Ins

Do you have annual check-ins with your clients? Or if you work on a project basis – do you set a 6-month, check-up post-project to ensure everything is running smoothly after you have left? This is essential! You need to show that you are willing to remain a part of their team. When you work for their business, you are not just in and out, you are there to support their goals and growth. Getting back in contact once a project is complete will also help you to grow and understand and errors that happen once you are gone allowing you to create an overall better customer experience.

These are all things you can integrate into your business to strengthen your relationships with clients. Though it can be hard, setting time aside to let them know that you appreciate their custom can build relationships that last for years. Too busy with client work to send appreciations - it is something you can outsource!



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