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Hi, I'm Paddy And I'm A Virtual Assistant

According to the Wiki...and we all know that is the root of all explanations...A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office."

I started out as a Virtual Assistant as I couldn't stand the commute into work anymore. I missed my kids and the house was a tip! Now, the house is still a tip, but at least I get to spend more time with the kids but being a Virtual Assistant has changed for me. I went from a mum who wanted to spend time with her kids and earn some wine money on the side to a business woman with a lucrative business on her hands. After a couple of years I asked myself why?

The "Why" is simply that there is a huge market out there for what I do and for what Virtual Assistants o

n a whole can do. It started of with basic administration tasks which any sane person would shy away from...typing up letters, contacting clients, processing orders, managing databases, booking travel that sort of thing BUT the industry has changed! Nowadays VA's are capable of so much more. Bookkeeping, Credit Control, SEO management, Social Media management, Blogging, Specialised Research and so on.

In fact, take a moment, what is the last thing you thought "I should be doing that instead of scrolling through my Facebook or Web Hopping?" Chances are there is a VA out there which can do it for you. Numerous articles have been written about the what tasks can be outsourced to a VA...instead of reinventing the wheel, read Chris Ducker's great article about it!

So now you have a Virtual Assistant who has given you time...what do you do with it??

How about concentrate on making some money. Work towards your business goals. Spend your valuable time doing so

me fee earning tasks. Now that my dear readers is the value of a Virtual Assistant.

Go on, try one! You won't regret it! Virtual Diamond has a 1 hour free consultation slot available to anyone who wants to chat about taking on a Virtual Assistant, you have nothing to loose. Check out the services offered by Virtual Diamond and Call Now.



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