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Deadline Mayhem

It’s that time of the year.

The dreaded time.

Every year, this month is filled with stress, overtime and worry. Which all leads to missed opportunities and clients. But it doesn’t have to be this way - here are some ideas to prepare for the busy times!

Most small businesses, no matter what the industry, have a crunch month. A month in which they have no spare time and are booked to the max with deadlines and important clients. This month can loom over you for the whole year. However, by following these tips you can ensure you tackle this month effectively!

Before this month even starts it is important to get on top of your paperwork, if your procedures are not up to date this could make your life harder in a busy month! Use the quiet times to prepare yourself for the times you are going to be busy. This includes your booking forms, contracts, cleaning schedules, due diligence, health and safety, and more! In normal times these can be kept on top of but when you are busy you can’t afford to let these slip. If you are not sure how to make your processes more efficient you can book our expertise to help guide you through the process of automation and consistency.

We can also help you to automate your social media, to make sure that this runs smoothly whilst you are busy. Even when times are good and clients are coming in as a business owner you need to focus on the long-term goals. This can be hard when you are snowed under with administrative tasks, but these can be delegated! When your business is growing it is important that you focus on those roles that will continue growth and expansion, networking to get new clients and ensuring the work you are producing is the highest quality. Social media is a valuable tool when used consistently but if you let this slide your audience will lose interest. Stay consistent and professional by delegating this over busy periods.

Why not get ahead of the game and prepare yourself with the tools you need to to make the most of this month. At Virtual Diamond our flexible time options mean that if you only need us for a month a year then that’s all you need to pay for. It can be for a week over crunch time, organising your calendar or letting us look after your inbox and social media whilst you are busy working billable hours. Or you can hire us in preparation for these times, as we are experts in efficiency and know how valuable your time is.



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