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Back To School

Time running away from you as your kids grow too fast?

Don’t miss this time!

Virtual Diamond can help you to reclaim your time with your family.

As the school holidays come to a close there are many small business owners who will breathe a sigh of relief. In between fun days and trips, managing clients and your social media there is no time. Juggling childcare, quality family time and running a small business is no easy feat – congratulations for making it through the summer holidays!

This summer we have spent time breaking down what is really valuable to us, and our clients. We believe that it is invaluable to spend quality time with your family and to enjoy your life.

To be able to achieve this we have hired a new member of the team ourselves, expanding our company to make sure we can all have more time for what is important in our lives.

For many, becoming an entrepreneur and breaking out of the 9 to 5 routine was a chance to gain more control over their hours and spend more valuable time with their families. However, many find themselves working 24/7 and lose sight of why they took this leap to begin with.

This can be a sign of Superhero Syndrome – the idea that as an entrepreneur you should be able to work 60 hours a week, handle all issues yourself and have a wealth of expertise on every subject. Which in reality, just isn’t the case! No one can manage it all themselves and finding the right balance for you and your family is the priority. We can all get bogged down in tasks, but when you’re at your wit's end and unsure of who to ask for help that’s why we’re here.

There are ways you can reclaim your time and grow your business. Consider how long each month you spend on your accounts, social media pages, bookkeeping and organising. This is all time you could be delegating to a virtual assistant! This not only gives you a chance to follow your business goals, instead of being dragged down by paperwork, but will allow you the much-needed freedom to spend time with your family.

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