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5 Ways For Solopreneurs To Fall Back In Love With Your Small Business

Identify Where You Are Struggling.

Step 1 should always be identifying the areas of your business that you struggle with. Whether it be social media, calendar management, organisation or bookkeeping it is essential to know which parts are your bug bears! Is it best to get these out of the way at the start of the day, or even to outsource them if you cannot stand doing them any longer! By identifying and tackling your worst nightmares of being a solopreneur you can focus on what you love doing.

Which leads us nicely into the next stage of our process…

2. Focus On Your Core Business.

What is the reason you started this business – was it to spend hours on LinkedIn writing the perfect post or was it to focus on a role you can enjoy? If we focus on our core business, enhancing our skills and learning more about the parts we love, we are sure to fall back in love with our business.

Once you are refocussed as solopreneurs, we need to….

3. Reclaim Your Time.

Focussing in on what tasks you need to manage and getting a better organisation of the time in the day often helps to support your business and help you feel more achieved throughout the day. Though this can seem counterintuitive if you are already busy in your small business, and we know solopreneurs struggle to get time off, BUT taking the 5 minutes to write your priorities for the day, week and month will help give you clarity and motivation!

But… what about all the external pressures?

4. Manage Reality.

One of the reasons we can fall out of love with our businesses is seeing the posts on Facebook and LinkedIn from other businesses who all seem to be going swimmingly. However, the reality is often much more chaotic than what is posted on social media! I always think of it like a swan, looking graceful above the water but beneath those feet are paddling away frantically fighting against the tide.

Beyond all of these what can I do!?

5. Hire A Virtual Assistant!

You’ve done all the above and still don’t feel in love with your business like you did when you first took that leap of faith? It could be because as solopreneurs we can’t do it all alone! There is a period between starting up and hiring your first employee where you need additional support. That’s our role! We support businesses who need that extra pair of hands to help you fall back in love with your business. If you’re not sure how we can help… call us, message us or set up a free 30-minute call. We would love to get you back in love with your business and help you grow.



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