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5 Social Media Checks You Can Complete Now!

1) Is your description up to date?

When was the last time you changed your business description? When setting up your profiles this might have been one of the first things you did, but does it still accurately reflect your business, your niche and your branding? These things change as your business grows and your social media should reflect this. Pull in your ideal client with a more up-to-date description.

2) Have you been posting regularly?

When discussing social media, consistency is key to building a lasting relationship with potential customers. Yet, this can be the hardest part of staying in control of your social media plan, and the most time consuming. Consider creating templates, or a regular monthly schedule that can be assessed each month to focus on the content that is effective.

3) Are your opening hours correct?

Something so simple, but so important! If your opening hours are incorrect on Google Business, Facebook or LinkedIn then you could be driving away potential customers with misinformation. Have a check now - a lot has changed in the past year and your clients need up to date information.

4) When did you last connect with people in your industry?

Social Media isn’t there just to connect with potential clients – one of the greatest benefits is being in a large community of people who can share support and tips for your business. Cultivating this aspect of your social media presence is about finding strategic partners and allies to support each other in your industry.

5) Have you responded to queries and comments?

Staying in contact with your audience is essential. Social media is often referred to as a two-way conversation, as it is the marketing tool that allows you to interact with your potential and current customers in a positive way. These forms of communication should not be overlooked, quick response time to messages and positive reinforcement in the comments section will make your business more approachable.

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