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Women Supporting Women This International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Being celebrated for over four decades now, we use this day to appreciate and support all the wonderful women in our lives and those who have influenced who we are today. At Virtual Diamond, we are a completely female team, so we wanted to take the time to talk about how we can support other women in business.

Buy From Women-Owned Businesses

There are a huge range of wonderful women entrepreneurs selling goods both online and on the high street. This is also one of the best ways to put money back into the community as the money you spend on these independent businesses are then used for supporting other local businesses and new staff opportunities.


Thinking of running a promotion or teaming up with another business? Look for women-owned businesses to feature a product by them in your store, post about them on social media, and invite them to your networking events! You then can work together to get both of your brands out there to a wider audience, a win-win scenario!


There are plenty of networking events open to people in your industry and women-oriented groups, use these to meet, collaborate and support each other in your business ventures. These are wonderful spaces to meet like-minded people who have the same goals as you so you can help lift each other up.

Engage On Social Media

A like, comment and share can go a long way on your social media channels. Take the time to go through your feeds and find women-owned businesses and brands that you love and engage with them, not just today but regularly to support them.

Shout Them Out

Had a wonderful experience with a women-owned business? Write a review and tell the world! A few minutes to write about your experience with their business can go a long way and help bring in new customers so they can continue to grow. This also builds trust with their target customers so they know that this business is both credible and 100% worth it!

Thank Them

Although we have come a long way since the first International Women’s Day in 1975, women still face many challenges in the entrepreneurial world. Thank them for everything they do and how hard they work to provide all the wonderful services and products we have. One in three entrepreneurs in the UK are women ( and we hope this number only continues to grow!

So for International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month and beyond, who will you be supporting to promote women-owned businesses?



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