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How to promote your business using email


The number of worldwide email users amounted to 4.1B in 2021 and is expected to grow to 4.6B users in 2025, according to Statista; with this figure in mind, it’s safe to say that email is a widely used communication tool that you should use to your advantage to promote your business. Let me show you how Virtual Diamond uses email to promote their business on a daily basis.

Email Signature

Did you know you can redirect clients to your website using your email signature? Up to 48% of marketers use it purely for this reason. Your email signature is an extension of your brand - make sure it includes your name and role in your business, all your contact information, social media links, business address, awards your business has participated in, and a link to schedule a call or coffee.

Inbox Management

If your inbox is cluttered you won’t know your head from your tail. Take some time to A) Unsubscribe from all newsletters that don’t relate to you anymore (trust me, just do it!) B) Create folders for each client and filter emails to their respective folders for a more organised inbox and zero overwhelm. This may seem like a lot of work at first but once this is set up, it will save you a whole world of headaches further down the line. (Again just trust me.) It keeps all your communication organised by client and easily accessible for all team members in case someone needs to take over while you’re away or off sick. C) Create folders for business documents, certificates, awards, etc again to keep everything organised and easily accessible.

Canned Emails

What are canned emails? Canned emails aka macros are pre-written text that can be used in email with a single keystroke. It’s a way to ensure the tone in emails remains the same no matter who manages the inbox and helps speed up email response to general repetitive client queries. Like an email FAQ if you will.


Similar to canned emails but taking it that little step further. I can’t stress enough how important it is to automate as much as you can. If you’ve set up your business SOPs (standards of operation) then most client queries won’t necessarily need a response but would rather need redirecting. Having an effective autoresponder directing clients where you want them will save you time and have you come across as professional and organised.

Avoid getting filtered

This isn’t spoken about enough but email providers are designed to keep spam emails out! What that means is that emails with, will easily land in your clients’ spam folders and get lost one way or the other. One way to avoid getting filtered in the spam folder is to use a name instead of the generic ones listed above ie or This doesn’t guarantee that your emails won’t land in their spam folder depending on their settings but it will give you a better chance of avoiding it for sure.


Not sure how to implement the above steps, let Virtual Diamond help you contact us today to have a free consultation to discuss your business and how we can help: or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn

Written by Chrystel Biaka



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